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"A job well done... Top-rated among businesses"
"Legal Document Preparation Center handled my divorce. I was very happy with the results. After the divorce finalized, I was in a car accident. I decided to use their services again. The lawyer who handled my case found me a great chiropractor who helped me with physical therapy, at no cost to me. What I like about this office is that the consultations are always free, not just the first one. They only charge you for the service, but if you ever want to have a consultation to talk about the progress of your case or if you have any questions you can meet with them free. They are also prompt to return calls. I was able to get my settlement money which covered all my physical therapy and repairs to my car. I am very happy with the service at LDPC and would come back here. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone who is having a legal issue."

                                                                            - Maria Barajas (divorce and car accident)

"I did my chapter 7 Bankruptcy at LDPC. The staff explained everything clearly. I had all the information I needed and decided a bankruptcy would be my best recourse. I was able to clear my debts and now I am looking forward to have a fresh start financially. The process was simple and my questions were always answered along the way."

                                                                            - Richard Quiñones (Chapter 7 Bankruptcy)

"Thanks to LDPC I was able to win custody of my two younger children. The 1st consultation was free and I was able to ask about my case and get information without any pressure or obligation. I decided to use their services and an attorney with experience in family law handled my case. I got custody and I am very happy. Thank you LDPC!"
                                                                            - Isaiah Garcia (custody/visitation)

"Legal Document Preparation Center helped me fill out my immigration forms so I could become a naturalized citizen. Their personnel is quick and efficient. I am in the process of becoming a U.S. citizen, thanks to LDPC."
                                                                            - Arturo Reynoso (immigration)

"I was able to respond to the divorce my ex-wife served me. If I hadn’t had the help and responded in time, I would have lost a lot of my assets in this divorce. In my case, I decided to work with their paralegals (they have paralegals and lawyers, to suit clients’ different needs and preferences) and I am very happy with my decision. My divorce was was handled professionally and efficiently and it was very affordable. I was able to protect my assets and save myself a lot of money and time in the process."
                                                                            - Don Henderson (divorce)

"LDPC is currently handling my divorce which is in process. The lawyers and document preparers have helped us draft a marital agreement which is helping us avoid a lot of time in court and saved us money. We were able to divide our assets in a fair way and the divorce proceedings are going smoothly. I would recommend LDPC to anyone going through a divorce case because of their effective service."
                                                                            -Stanley Derain (divorce and marital agreement)

"I am a real estate investor and I have hired Legal Document Preparation Center handle three (3) separate eviction cases. Before I knew about this office, I used to spend thousands of dollars on evictions. I decided to try LDPC and their paralegals handled my evictions quickly, successfully and for a fraction of the price! I have saved so much money, which is important to me as a real estate investor. I am very happy with LDPC, their service is effective, professional and very affordable."
                                                                            - Atheer Sadik (eviction)

I needed to draft a will and a living trust. It was very important for me to do this because I have 4 adult children, grandkids, a lot of property and I own a business. I had to make sure that everything was assigned the way I wanted it. I went to a few consultations at different places until I found the Legal Document Preparation Center office. They were straightforward and more affordable than some other lawyers I had worked with, plus the office was in Moreno Valley, where I live. They drafted a very solid will and living trust. I decided to make a couple of changes to the first draft I had asked for, and they were very understanding and did not charge me extra and made the changes promptly. They also have a notary public, so it was convenient to notarize the documents there, instead of having to find a separate notary. This office has professional staff, great customer-service and affordable prices. They did everything I asked and I am very relieved I was able to find an office to provide this service for me. I have a couple of friends who are thinking of drafting a will and I have referred them to LDPC.

                                                                                - Fanny Donoso (will/living trust)

"We filed bankruptcy with LDPC’s help. We are very happy with the work they’ve done and with their help."

                                                                                -Adulfo and Elvira Vargas: (Ch.7 bankruptcy)

"I filed for divorce with the help of LDPC. I am very satisfied with their staff, their work and the lawyers they work with."
                                                                                -Cruz Becerra: (Divorce)

"I filed my taxes with LDPC. They have a tax preparer with 17 years of experience. With the tax professional, they got me an excellent refund that I was able to use for family expenses. I did not even have to pay for the service directly, they just deducted it from my refund. It was very affordable, compared to other places I’ve filed taxes at before. My family and I are satisfied with this service, and would come back here and recommend this office."

                                                                                -Genaro Delgado (taxes)

"I am so grateful to LDPC. They helped me to become a permanent resident of the United States. I had help from their paralegals and they prepared my immigration documents, informed me clearly of the entire process and did everything correctly. Thanks to them I obtained my residency. I am very happy with this company and will recommend to my friends and family."

                                                                                -Dae Wong (immigration, residency petition)
Put our expertise to work for you. At Legal Document Preparation Center, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the Moreno Valley area.
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"Legal Document Preparation Center is the best place in town for customer service. We were very happy with the results."  

"A job well done... 
Top rated among businesses"

"Professional, efficient, and very affordable"

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